The competition is open to all foil and epee fencers, members of a national fencing federation, born in the years 2010-2011-2012-2013.


Under 12 – Male/Female 2012-2013
Under 14 – Male/female 2010-2011


Visit to check out the poules which will be published in advance and to follow the tournament in real time.

Requirements for fencing clothing and equipment

Requirements for fencing clothing and equipment. All clothing and equipment must be in good condition according to national standards. Defective clothing or equipment is not allowed.

Equipment will not be checked in advance, on the piste the referee will verify the compliance with the following standard:

Category Year Weapon Blade Guard Mask Clothing Plastron
Under 12 2012-2013 Epee 0 MINI FIE-CE 1600N
electrified bib required for foil
FIE CE 800N 350 N Not required
Foil 0-1-2-3
Under 14 2010-2011 Epee 2-3 NORM FIE CE 800N FIE CE 800N
Foil 3-4-5

Awards Ceremony

All fencers reaching last 8 will be awarded prizes.

Additional information

An armory service is provided also selling fencing equipment.

Refreshments are available at the venue.


Access to the parterre will only be allowed to accredited coaches at the competition venue (by means of the FIS technical list or request made by e-mail from the club). Parents/relatives or unauthorised persons will not be allowed access to the parterre.